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Guess you could call me a proud #beetbabe! What an amazing book for anyone wanting to improve their lives or the lives of anybody else they barely know for really cheap without quite understanding what they’re buying or what the author is exactly saying or promoting. A must have!

Mike Sacks, Author of "Poking a Dead Frog," "And Here's the Kicker," "Stinker Lets Loose," and "Randy: A Memoir"

Beet Life is a hilarious send-up of a modern-day influencer. The writing is so engaging; I couldn't put it down. It's laugh-out-loud funny, and I'm sorry to say I would probably follow Beth on Instagram. I am literally going to follow the overnight oats recipe.

Ginny Hogan, Author of I'm More Dateable Than a Plate of Refried Beans

A delightfully silly takedown of the social media influencer in all their vapid, deluded narcissism.

Andy Newton, Editor at Humorist Books

Absolutely hilarious... Beet Life is a scathing meditation on influencer culture that has just as much heart as it does humor.

Ethan Szlezinger, Co-Founder of The Whole Wheat Post

Biting satire that accurately exposes the underbelly of the modern influencer. Treat yourself to the ultimate health & lifestyle escape.

Editors at

Very VERY good... Beth has tapped into true life magic by positioning herself squarely at the intersection of inner radiance and root vegetables... with Beet Life, she’s shown us that viable, lasting, and quantifiable self-improvement is possible with this long-form, heartfelt guide to self-improvement that isn’t at all just vapid and hollow sentiments doubling as a calculated brand extension. It can't be "beet"!

Brian Boone, Author of Great Men of Science: A Novel

Fake person, real laughs, real recipes! I loved this hysterical and pitch perfect satire of wannabe influencers.

Jason Farr, Host of the There It Is podcast

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